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Sharing Your Riding Experience with children – Mac-Ride

win real money casino Mac-ride is a new take on an old, and dare I say, outdated method to include your kids in your riding. From the old school seat over the back wheel, to the newer larger style that fit under or around the front of the bike we have had methods to carry kids for years on bikes.

nusaplay slots 188 Téra The Mac-ride is an innovative variation of this with a small and lean saddle that also allows your child to hold onto the handlebars. Their feet are strapped in, and the height doesn’t change the centre of balance on the bike. This quickly and effectively teaches your child how to steer and lean more quickly than the kind where they are strapped in. They are part of the ride, not just on top of it.

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online slots bonus At 6’5, I find I can easily carry between a 2 year old and a 6 year old. This carrier also has enough room to allow you to take your kids on single track. This lets me ride some of the trails I would normally ride, and share that experience with my son and cousins.

doxycycline injection price Gresham Initial setup requires removal of the handle bars to place an o-ring spacer on the steer tube. After that, installation, and removal take a couple of minutes to install and is very simple. Again, excellent well thought out design.

I utilize this on an XL Trek Fuel Ex 8 with a dropper seat post, so this is very adjustable to fit the bike of your choice. They also have a number of spacer sizes available to fit previous generations of bikes.

Here are some videos of the kids riding on the mac ride.

Jojo – Mac Ride

Evalee – Mac-Ride

Atreyu – Mac-ride


I can’t recommend this product enough. More Information can be found here. Definitely give this product a 10/10. Fun for the whole family, and well worth loading into luggage on trips.




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