Review – G-Form Protective Pads for shins

The Goal – Protective Pads To find protective pads for my shins that wouldn’t impact pedaling but still offer the protection I wanted for my shins.

Protective Pads

Jandira rabobank app downloaden Padding is pretty important when riding in technical terrain. BC offers some of the most stunning and technically difficult trails. One of my biggest personal struggles is with pedal slippage due to large feet and minimum contact point. Pedals tend to be on the small size when your foot size in 15us.

mensagens engraçadas sobre namoro In the past, the choices were limited and generally ended up leaving me feeling like a hockey goalie. I owned, loved and hated, the 661 4×4 shin/knee pads. I learned a lot using these pads

  1. Shin and knee protection is important
  2. These made pedaling incredible annoying and difficult

10 years later, my riding style has changed but I still wanted some protection. I set off using my google-fu to find the perfect pads and a tremendous number of very cool options. Pads today have shrunk in size, most are pedal friendly and they come with more tech than I ever thought padding could.

The Fit

However the real test, which is sometimes as simple as slipping them on and announcing a vehement “NOPE” out loud is as far as I could get. I realized this time round that mountain bike clothing, and sizing has gone very European. Everything is tiny, even the xl’s. As a clydesdale this was going to be a lot of work.

I spent some time one of my local shops trying on pads, Kinetik Cycles was really the only shop I could find near me that was carrying any body armour. There were some familiar brands as well as some new ones.

Dakine, Fox and Raceface had dropped in size quite a bit. I couldn’t get them over my calf or knee, or both. Even in the XL I had to write these off without even getting to do a deep knee squat.

POC was also a brand that wouldn’t fit.

Keep in mind they might well have bigger sizes but I didn’t have the patience or inclination to wait for pads to come in and then not buy them. It wouldn’t be fair to the shop or myself.

That really left IXS and G-form for me to try. Unfortunately there was no XL IXS in stock.

Last product standing was G-Form. At the time they had an XL knee pad so it at least let me confirm fit. The pads fit snug oround the thigh, but fit the calf perfectly. I can accept small fit problems, since it is very difficult to find things that fit in general.

I ordered the G-Form Pro-X Knee Shin Gaurds confident they would fit.

Protective Pads - G-Form - Pro-X Knee-Shin Guard - dirty and used
Excellent pads for the money, but not cheap

The Finish

I have been riding with these pads for almost 2 months and extremely happy. They have done what I wanted and performed well. Pedaling is not impacted at all. The pads are comfortable enough that they double as winter wear.

I have had a few pedal strikes (I also purchased new pedals) and a number of slippery crashes, in all cases my knee and shin were protected. They are a touch short for my shins leaving a couple of inches at the bottom exposed.

Protective Pads - G-form Pro-X Knee-Shin Guard on my leg
Not quite as long as I could have but the fit is otherwise excellent








Hopefully this helps those of your with longer, and larger legs find pads that suit your riding. There is a limited number of choices industry wide for Clydesdales. G-Form put together pads that met my sizing and my needs perfectly.



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