Trail – Sumas Mountain – Squid Line

Squid Line, Sumas Mountain, BC Canada Squid Line is rated a green, with some blue features and is a fun fast trail that rides from parking lot to parking lot in a loop. Approx 10km loop (5km up, 5km down) the trail has a lot to offer. The faster you ride the more technical it can feel.

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how about we dating site free The fire road up, is just that, a fire road. 5km of grinding up to Squid Line is made a little more exciting when you see the popularity of the area. I have been twice and both times had someone to ride up the fire road with.

rencontre normandie sans inscription The trail itself is quite a bit of up and down, with the middle section offering the bulk of the uphill. While the trail is technical enough to ward off any rank beginners, it is rideable for most riders with some single track experience. I did find some low hanging trees which effected my ride at 6’5″, however overall this trail was clear and fast. FVMA (Fraser Valley Mountain Bikers Association) has done an excellent job with trail maintenance on Sumas Mountain.

rencontre hull #savesumas was a campaign of advocacy to save the trail system squid line resides on. Please see this page for information on how we can continue helping save this amazing trail system.

SaveSumas Summary

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  1. Nice video.

    Trail looks like fun.
    Must say I am bit jealous you can still ride, non snow covered trails this time of year. 🙂

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